Monday, November 19, 2007

Christmas Knits

If you happen to be either one of my parents - go away. There are Christmas knits mentioned in this post. Come back in January ;)

A few random pictures I took during a kayaking trip this summer to distract you while we wait for the parental units to move on.
Why are you still here? You've seen these pictures - shoo!OK - now that the coast is clear... by the way Christmas knitting sucks for blog fodder. Anyway - first up Dad. Dad made a request last winter for a pair of fingerless gloves. The pattern is kinda loosely based on this one. My gauge is completely different - I'm using a worsted weight - Cascade 220 - as opposed to fingering, and my dad has huge hands so it's VERY loosely based.

I must say that the yarn is wonderful, how have I never worked with it before??? It's cheap and it comes in cool colors and it's SO nice. Everything a worsted weight should be. Love it.
Next up - Mom. These are actually going to be a birthday gift - I hope. Her b-day is December 7th and I want to have the stocking done for my Godson by the first week of December so I may be pushing my luck. Luckily Mom's a knitter - I can give her one sock if it comes down to it. ;)

These are the Lombard Street socks from Magknits. The pattern is really great - easy to memorize and quick. The yarn - not so much. I picked it up in Rhinebeck - Aussie sock. It's beautiful and squishy and makes a really nice sock, but man is it splitty, and using super sharp pointy needles is not helping matters. They're coming out really pretty and I don't really have the luxury of starting something else so I'm sucking it up - but Aussie Sock... not a fan - which is a shame cuz it came in some slammin' colors.

Is that turtle waving hello??? Love it!!
Also love the turtle!

When you say "Aussie Sock" - is it Australian? If yes, why oh why do we not have it in Australia (even if it is splitty!). sigh.
I'm a huge fan of Cascade 220 - it felts fabulously, too! - and that looks like a gorgeous color! I'm sure he'll love them! The socks are pretty, too!
I love the sock pattern! Lucky Mom! I'm working with a very splitty yarn right now on very sharp needles and I'm thinking that the yarn might be less splitty on less sharp needles. I'll test out the theory on the next pair of socks that I make out of that yarn. Good luck with finishing up everything on time! And have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
The Christmas gifts look great so far! Love the turtle pic!
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