Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Three Days to Spare

The Clessidra's are done. I tried to take some pictures last night but my self portraits suck. G is coming over later - I'll make her take some pictures. They're beautiful as long as I don't move. Just going back and forth three feet to set the timer on the camera made them sag - there's no way I'll be able to wear them without making myself insane.

I went to Joanne's and bought some elastic to sew into the cuffs but they only had black. I bought skinny sewing elastic I was just going to weave it through the ribbing - but it shows. How do I sew black elastic into burgundy knee highs without it showing? Mom suggested a thicker elastic - like you would use for a waist band - and sew it in with needle and thread. I'm afraid that would make the socks uncomfortable - like wearing garters. She may have a point though - it would definitely be easier to hide burgundy thread. Maybe I'll try it - can't be any worse than pulling up my socks every four steps.

Oh, no! What about narrow waist band elastic - i.e 1cm?
For a pair of knee highs I used some thin sewing elastic and it was surprisingly not that bad, I was just sure I didn't make it too tight.
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