Monday, October 01, 2007


You guys are the sweetest bunch of peoples ever! Anytime I start feeling a little icky I'm going to go read all the wonderful comments yall left - thank you :D

I'm totally excited that I can wear this dress to a formal wedding but the consensus is that I need a fancy ass shawl to wear with it. A fancy ass shawl that I don't own. Chances of me getting a shawl knit in the next two months?? Slim to none. Maybe if it was January I might have a shot, but I can't abandon the yet to be started Christmas projects to knit a shawl. Crocheting something may be an option. Anybody have/know of any good crochet shawl patterns?

While I stew about the shawl issue I started a new project - a project that is not Christmas knitting, shame on me. Anyway I have a question - if you ran across these directions how would you do it?

Slip 1 st to right needle. Sl st to cable needle, hold to back. Twist stitch on left needle. Sl 1 st from right needle to left. K2tog. Purl st on cable needle.

It's the "Sl 1 st from right needle to left" that I'm getting stuck with. When I twist the stitch on the left needle am I moving it over to the right needle & therefore just moving that stitch back OR am I moving the last stitch I knitted back to the left needle therefore knitting it twice. Whaddya think?? Nevermind I totally just figured it all out - see how wonderful blogging is!! It helps too when you read ALL the directions I wasn't slipping the first stitch to the right needle before I slipped the stitch to the cable needle. I get it now. Thanks you guys rock!

Sometimes blogging is like reading the directions out loud to someone else. That's when you say, "duh, I'm an idiot" and everyone around you says "no, you're not, we've all done that too".
Sorry I don't know of any crochet patterns. I'm making the Morning Glory stole from knitpot. It uses dk weight yarn and size 9 needles and works up quick. I planning to wear mine to my step-brothers wedding in a few weeks.
How about something like this
or this
Obviously not in Lavender!

If you like either, I'll tell you how to make them.
I have wanted to crochet the Sweet Pea Shawl in the SnB Happy Hooker book. It is also on NextStitch. Here it is:

I think it would look pretty in red.
Oh, I wish all "helping" was this easy!
Maybe you could borrow a shawl from a knitting friend? I guess we all interpreted wearing a shawl with your dress as "making a really fancy, schmancy shawl in time for the wedding." Hee hee...

Those instructions aren't that clear. How did you do "twist stitch on left needle"?
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