Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sock-it-to-me Baby!

I finished the sock-it-to-me swap socks. They are currently on they're way to Cheryl. I like how they turned out - and she'll never have to worry about cold feet while she wears them ;) Hope she likes them.

I also got my SITM package. LOVE THEM!!! They're not really so orange - I had a rough time with the color & sorry but I'm too lazy to photoshop. I think the colorway is cabin fever.
The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill (one of my favorites) and they fit fantastic! Wish I could get the socks I make to feet my feet as well as everyone else does. My swap partner was Sherry . She put together an awesome package with some bath salts and lotion, the cutest heart shaped stitch markers (which have already been pressed into service), the Knitting on The Road book and a cute little decorator box type thing with notecards in it. In my enthusiasm to take photos of my new socks I totally neglected to take pictures of the rest. I totally LOVE the non-matchy!! And did you see the picots?? She made me picots! I must totally rate!
She also sent me a skein of my new favorite sock yarn Colinette Jitterbug!! Love the colorway - bright charcoal. She was even cool enough to ball it up for me - which is sorely tempting me to cast on for new socks right now! Alas new socks must wait - I want to wear Clessidra's to Rhinebeck. Thanks so much Sherry!!

Your socks are great! Picot cuffs are so cool although I'm not a fan of doing them myself - so great when someone does them for you!!
Both pairs of socks are gorgeous!
FANTASTIC socks! I love the non-matchy! Looks like they fit you well, and lovely new yarn she sent you too : )
Is it Rhinebeck time again?? Lucky you!

I'm very interested to see how the Jitterbug knits up. My 1st hank [different colour] pooled terribly. The 2nd was a semi solid and it pooled again - slightly. Bright Charcoal is next on my 'to buy' list.
Whoa - great socks, great haul! Love picot edge - you definitely rate!
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