Tuesday, October 30, 2007

rip it rip it rip it

The wash didn't help.
I'm having a fabulous knitting week - NOT. I started the Christmas stocking - I'm pretty sure I might suck at intarsia.
Puckers and pulls all over the place. I thought I was so clever with the two handed knitting. Oh well we're gonna consider that practice. No worries I forgot to change the needle size so it had to come out anyway - the stocking was way to narrow - no room for good goodies - and I did learn two cool things.

#1 - picots don't suck - they're actually very cute and almost fun to make. Doubt they'll be showing up on my socks but they don't totally suck to make.

#2 - it's a bad idea to rip intarsia / fair isle all willy nilly - regardless of the good blog shot. I'm not going to tell you how long it took me to untangle that mess.

And since I'm not an evil blogger...
The knee highs suffered no permanent injures from the taking of the above photo. They now have much shorter toes and fit much better. They still stretch a bit too much during wearing - I must get a handle on negative ease - but they're much better then they were.

Pleased to know the socks survived...shame the stocking did not - but I'm in awe of the fair isle. Am not sure I will ever build up the courage for the fair isle...or the intarsia. Stripes is about as far as I get with two colour knitting!
Despite being a teensy bit on the puckery side, the fair isle looked pretty good. The trick to keeping it even is to stretch the stitches out on the needle and loosely (but not too loosely) strand across the back. If you knit continental, you can carry both yarns in the left hand. For some reason, it seems to make the fabric less puckery. Also be sure to always carry the same color in the same hand; otherwise the colors will do some funky stuff and look like they are bleeding into one another. Are you going to give it a second try?
It was indeed a great blog shot. The two handed method does take pratice but is well worth it in the end.

Those are really great looking socks despite their size.
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