Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Haul

OK now that the computer is performing at something other than dead stop - we can continue.
It's been days and I no longer know where most of this stuff came from except Rhinebeck - which is way to general to be helpful I know. It's been pawed through too many times and the business cards and receipts where the fiber came from are no longer together with fiber it goes with. At least I have a clue what the fiber content is.... mostly.

Merino Tencel - yum. Totally afraid to spin it though. It will be marinating for quite some time.

Merino top - both the little balls came from the same place - at lease I know that much.

The needles & the peachy yarn (Aussie Sock) I remember came from Seaport Yarns. I remember this cuz they are very sneaky people those Seaport Yarns peoples - yes they are sneaky sneaky.

Here's what happened. I had the yarn in one hand and the needles in the other - aren't they pretty, is it any wonder I had to have them? So this guy comes up as I'm in line to pay and he says "I can take the money for the yarn but you've go to pay her for the needles." In the confusion of having two people asking me for money at the same time and handling two transactions simultaneous I wound up paying 30 bucks for these needles. See sneaky - they distract you with pretty colors and many people until you don't know what your doing - just blindly handing people money without a thought. Do I regret it? Hell no theses needles are fantastic - they actually did me a favor cuz a 30 dollar price tag would have made me put them down. But they're still sneaky as hell. (Before you ask yes there are five of them - I didn't notice till after the picture that one rolled off and into the couch.) I think these next two are blue faced lester but I can't swear to both of them - the pink for sure, and the shop I got them from had Diana in the name, or maybe Sara.

Here's a lesson about buying stuff in braids -when buying fiber in a braid be sure to turn the thing over and inspect it from all sides maybe even un-braid a bit and look inside. I was going through the haul looking at the things I bought and I saw this. "Hm, what in the world possessed me to buy this - it's kinda ugly."

This is why I bought it - the other side - much more like something I'd actually buy. I'll have to be clever when I spin it - make sure I break up that giant hunk of icky brown/black.

That's it - I know not much. I'm usually much better and I can't believe I only bough ONE skein of actuall yarn. Very weird. I must of been really high on wool or something - not only did I buy very little this year I also totally spaced on the blogger meet-up. I just completely forgot and I didn't see anyone. :( I'm such a spaz.

Lots of pretties! although I'm kinda glad I can't spin...just one more thing for me to get carried away with!!! (I would have bought the $30 needles too!)
What a gorgeous haul! And I love your pix from Rhinebeck, too. Stunning, what the leaves do, huh?
Wow, not so much stuff. Pretty stuff, though!
You picked out some beautiful things! Those needles are fabulous.
The roving might suprise you and spin up into a pretty yarn.
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