Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Opinions Please

blk&red dress (4)
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But be gentle. I was invited to go to a formal "black-tie optional" wedding in November. I'm trying not to spend money on yet another dress I will never wear. Think this dress is fancy enough? If I glam it up with some fancy shoes, blow out the mop, and some good accessories? Why are all the fancypants bridesmade dresses I own spring colors???

I think this is a great dress - I would totally wear it to a fancy wedding - me, I'd go for superfantastic red shoes and a red wrap - and your great smile just makes it perfect!
I think it looks great. I agree a red wrap would be just right.
You look great. What about your shawl?
Ditto on the other votes. I might go with some black fancypants shoes instead, but red would be pretty too. And a lovely shawl to top it off! You look FAB!
The dress is great but I'm thinking a black shawl would be good with it.
I agree with everyone else! Some fab accessories and a shawl.. definitely a shawl : )
I think you fab in that dress. It would be perfect for a wedding.
Ooo-la-la, baby!
Totally appropriate, especially with the right accessories. A nice fancy lace shawl would be perfect!
Great dress. Black shawl, red or black shoes, you'll look fabulous. Probably more fabulous than your date.

Sorry I missed this. You look stunning! I'd go for black shoes though as the skirt is very patterned [and blk is more stylish]... sorry RR. :)
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