Saturday, July 28, 2007


Now that the gifts have been gifted - I can show you what I've been working on behind the scenes. It's been killin me not to show you guys these little things cuz they're so darn cute!
This is the Aran Pullover from Knitting for Baby. If I was to do this sweater again I think I sew the front & back together and then pick up the stitches for the sleeves instead of sewing the sleeves in after the fact, because the front and back are square and have no sleeve shaping it was just a royal pain to get them in there even. There was also this little feature that made it a little difficult.

The shoulders don't really exist - which is great for putting the sweater a squirmy weeone but not so much for getting the sleeves in properly. After many many attempts I finally did manage it but in the future I'll be trying a different method.

The yarn is the Moda Dea washable wool. I couldn't say enough nice things about this yarn. It's soft and full & washable holds the cables wonderfully. Then I washed it. OMG I didn't think it could get any nicer! It washes up SO soft and it blocks beautifully. Wonderful, wonderful yarn!

I also whipped her up this little sweater. The baby kimono from the Mason Dixon book. Cute little quick knit. I should have seamed it with something else though cuz the seams are really heavy. I also changed the ribbons to a button. I thought a button would be easier for mom to put on a squirmy baby plus I couldn't resist the little ducky.
I don't think Allison cares much about it though - this picture was taken mere seconds before she started to scream.

The ducky is great and so's the speckled yarn of the kimono!
That aran jumper is fabulous - what a lovely gift. And the kimono is so cute - the button is a great touch!
FANTASTIC gifts! The aran is so beautiful.
Wow - they're great! What a lucky baby!
Beautiful job on the baby gifts!
Jo, I really can't thank you enough for all the wonderful baby gifts, and for being there for me. I wouldn't have had the experience that I did without you :) (( Hard to type while tearing...)) You know I love ya!
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