Saturday, June 23, 2007

Wet Felting

I learned a cool new thing today. Wet felting. I wish I had pictures of the whole process but I forgot to take my camera - bad blogger. I'll try to explain it to you - the abbreviated version. We did this outside & I do not see any logical way you could do this in the house without making a huge mess. You take a bit of roving or fleece or what-have-you (so long as it's woolly felty type stuff) and kinda fluff it up a bit and lay it out first one way, then the other, then back again mimicking a warp & weft.

When you get a nice fluffy bunch of stuff you soak it down in soapy water and roll it up in a bamboo mat. Then you roll it a bunch flip it roll it some more and repeat until you get a nice felty piece that's seems like it's almost done. Then you pour some boiling water on it and roll it a bunch more & you get a piece of fabric that you can now use to make a bag or a pillow or whatever. I have no clue what I'm going to do with mine. I'm thinking I might nail it to the wall as is cuz I don't really want to take scissors to it. It's a really cool fun project - and a great excuse to buy roving!

Very cool. I think your piece of felt would make a great wall has that artsy look to it!
What fun! I love learning new crafty things!

~Your Sockapalooza Pal
You have to make a bag out of that!It's so kewl! Now i'm mad I didn't make it.... What does mom's look like?
It's a work of art! Well done, J.
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