Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sock-ret Socks

Now that I know they're in her hands I can show you my secret Sock-ret pals socks.

My pal was Joan. I really don't have words to describe what an amazing person she is. Over the last six months she has been through so much but doesn't ever dicuss it as anything other than a matter of fact thing. She doesn't whine cry or bitch about the curve balls life keeps throwing at her. Awesome really. It was a pleasure to make these socks for her and I hope she feels the love and prayers worked with every stitch. Check out that short-row heel. After six tries it's perfect (almost) and totally worth the effort - did you notice how nicely the stripes go down the front no honking huge blip at the gussett.
I totally love how these socks came out. I won't even tell you the number of patterns I tried on this yarn before this one worked out. The pattern is actually my own design (a first) and although it turned out to be more of a PITA than I thought it would be it was totally worth the effort.

Very nice socks! I love the colors and am particularly impressed with the short row heel. It looks great. The wrapped short row is my favorite kind of heel. What the name of stitch pattern you used?
Wow, that short-row heel is PERFECTION! Cute, cute socks . . .
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