Thursday, April 05, 2007

Knee Highs

I've always wanted a pair of cute knee high socks. Never could find a pair to fit. It's good to be a knitter. Big thanks to everybody that helped me do the math for these. I'm loving them so much!! I try them on every four rounds and they fit just great. None of that tuggin and pulling trying in vain to get them over my calves. LOVE IT! I want to make lots of knee highs now! I figured this was a good pair to cut my teeth on becasue they have a plain knit section where all the decrease go. No extra headaches to figure out how the pattern will work with all my extra stiches. And since I'm very afraid of getting a case of SSS with my fingering weight 17" circumfrence knee socks I started sock number two. I think this will also help me get my decreases the same on each leg since I'm notoriously bad at taking notes. I can't wait to wear these socks!!!

Great start!
stop lying to all of us....they are not socks, they are really leg warmers....i know the truth. lol. keep up the good work!!!
WOW!!! You are the knee-high QUEEN!
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