Friday, April 27, 2007

Babies, Babies, Everywhere

Tisha’s baby is due in August. I haven’t gotten any further on her gift than casting on. My friend Kim just announced she will be expecting a new little one in November. And now one of my co-workers just let on that she too has a bun in the oven - also due in August. The knit goddess has decided to punish me for procrastination.

With Kim I have a standard to live up to, her last baby got a crochet blanket. Should I do another? Or should I knit her up a sweater. Maybe I should crochet her a sweater. That would be faster, but is it a cop out? She knows I knit but I don’t think she knows the extent of my obsession so she probably wouldn’t be offended by crochet-wear instead of knitwear. At least the baby is due in the winter and I can make an itty-bitty sized whatever I decided to make.

Co-worker presents a bit of a dilemma. I like her, she’s very nice but is she really knit worthy? Ordinarily I’d say all babies should get handmade prezzies but I’ve got so much stuff on my plate that the idea of doing another baby thing makes me cringe. Maybe I’ll crochet for her too - it’s faster. Maybe I’ll just go to the store & buy her stuff, but that’s so lame and I usually wind up spending a fortune when I do that. I have no will power to resist cute little baby things. Alexis wound up with a few hundred dollars worth of crap plus handmade gifties - baby stores are a bad idea.

On the bright side with two people to knit for that don’t read the blog I’ll have something more interesting to show you than same ol’ socks. Which I would show you a progress picture of but I left the camera cord at home and I'm off to Ruggerfest for the weekend so I won't have an oppurtunity to post until next week. But with a few hours knit time in the car I should have more progress show.

Crochet the blankies!
Good luck at Ruggerfest.
Ruggerfest is right by where I work(give or take a couple of miles). Have a good time and enjoy DC!

Oh and if the moms don't knit - go crochet, they'll never know the difference. :)
Enjoy Ruggerfest - and keep your eye on the mail around Tues-Wed.
I agree with Trish, if the moms are not fiber artists themselves they won't know the difference between a knit or crocheted item... certainly they won't know the difference in effort needed! As for the coworker... maybe a little hat? Actually, babies tend to get a lot of little hats, but no knit mittens, make some tiny mittens (or whatever else you want!).

PS I'll be knitting your Sockapalooza 4 socks. I'm going shopping for some yarn tomorrow! Yeah!
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