Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Rowboat arrived!

Back in January I signed up to do a swap on one of my sock groups. Since Valentine’s Day is my least favorite holiday I figured a Valentine themed swap would be a great way to embrace the forced romanticism of a Hallmark holiday and try to have a little fun.

I was right and had a blast putting together stuff for my partner Franney. I jumped with both feet into heart-shaped red themed goodness and put together a slammin’ package. Franney got it the week of Valentines and loved it. She told me mine was on the way. I waited patiently. And waited, and waited. Did I mention she lives in England? I waited some more.

Yesterday I finally got my package from her. The post office must have sent the stuff over in a rowboat it took so long, but it was so worth the wait!! I got so many goodies I couldn’t photograph them all at the same time.
There’s the non-knitting stuff. Pen’s, pencils, measuring devices, a calculator, a notions bag, the cutest little sheep key chain, chocolate, coffee (which somehow didn’t make it into the picture), highlighters, notepads, note cards, lotion, a CD of music from the 20’s (which I love).

The Crafty stuff. The CUTEST little project bag in my favorite color. Adorable little crafty crocheted things a little heart & a pear, and a handmade note card - which she left blank so I could use it.

The knit stuff. Stitch markers, a row counter bracelet (which I didn’t manage to get a good picture of), a sheepy needle gauge, and of course yarn. The yarn is so nice! It’s soft and squishy and the color is fantastic!! Love it!!
Thank you Franney! You Rock!!

Great package!
Sorry about the rowboat ;o)
*doing a happy dance*
SOOOOOOOO happy it finally arrived and that you are happy with it all :oD You very nearly didn't get the yarn, i was tempted to keep it for myself ;o)

btw it's a Herschey's kiss (apparantly) lolol
cute stuff!
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