Friday, March 23, 2007

Knitty Math Confusion

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I need some help with some knitty math. I'm making these socks. Aren't they fab? I'll show you pictures when its not so late and I've got something more interesting than a cuff. Anyway the pattern calls for a cast on of 76 stitches to fit a calf circumference of approximately 14.5 inches. My legs are a tad more shapely than that so I did some math and cast on 100 stitches for about three extra inches. That's worked out fine the cuffs fit great.

Next the pattern calls for you to increase to a count of 110 stitches. Obviously I'm going to be needing more than that.

Here's my question. 110 minus 76 is an increase of 34 stitches is that how many I should increase? Do I just distribute those stitches evenly around my cuff? I feel like a should just abandon the directions - which are kinda funky k2, [p2, m1, k2, m1] 4 times, p2 [k2, m1, p2, m1] 5 times, k2, [p2, m1, k2, m1] 4 times, p2 [k2, m1, p2, m1]4 times I'm guessing they're like that to distribute the increases evenly - yes? So what I want to do is abandon those directions and increase 34 stitches evenly (however that will work out) around - is that right? I know a bunch of you are knit designers extraordinaire - help me out please. Your fabulous thank you!

I'm off to get a good nights sleep - got a rugby game in the morning.

Gosh, how confusing!

I think you need to abandon the instructions and inc evenly according to your cuff sts (100).

You'll then need to alter the rest of the pattern according to your sts (134) but ensure that the cable panels remain centred.

Alternatively, you can maintain the original no. of sts by using larger needles.
I love that pattern. Your socks will be so gorgeous! Your plan sounds like what I would do, too.
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