Friday, March 16, 2007

It's a Conspiracy!

I've been wanting to knit lace for weeks now. None of my other projects are very satisfying because of this lace thing in the back of my mind. However I've learned something about my knitterly self in the past year. If I don't like the needles I WILL abandon the project . Knowing this I figure I had better get myself some good lace needles before I start on anything new.

I called my LYS and she orders me some of the new Addi lace needles. I'm so excited! She warns me that it's going to take a few weeks but that's OK because I can't find anyone selling them online yet. I talked to my LYS lady on Tuesday - a month later - she says to me "oh I'm so sorry I just spoke to them this morning, and they're back ordered until May." Are you kidding me??? Nobody could have told her that when she ordered them?!

OK fine, deep breath. I figure it's a month later someone online has got to be selling them by now. Hallelujah I find a spot and place an order. Got my order yesterday - wow that was fast. Perfect timing - just got some new lace weight - I can't wait to cast on! I take the needles out of the package and "hmmm these seem a little small" - that's because THEY'RE THE WRONG FLIPPIN SIZE!!! Are you kidding me?! WTF?!?! I'm gonna go lay down and cry now.

Hmm, looks like we need to schedule a needle intervention.

Road trip!
Major disappointment. I've heard that the Knit Picks Options are very good for lace...quite pointy with smooth joins. And Knit Picks provides excellent customer service as well. Good luck!
Lucky I don't do lace coz I'd be cryin' too - as you know, we don't get anything down here...
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