Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Horror

Yesterday I was hanging out with babysitting some kiddies of a friend of mine. The middle child (she’s 9) is fascinated with my knitting and the last time I was there I showed her a few things. Unfortunately I don’t get over there very often and her interest has been left to linger with no knitters in the family to help her. She did however get this knitting “kit” as a gift for Christmas

So she brings me this kit. It’s one of those kits geared for kids that has all the supplies you’ll need to make a cute little pocketbook. I know you’ve seen them and been tempted to pick one up for that little someone whose been eyeing up your knitting. Do your self a favor - DON’T - go buy real needles and yarn.

This kit is the worst introduction to knitting I could ever wish on anyone. First there’s the yarn, it’s yucky Red Heart like acrylic and some icky funfurish funky stuff. That’s not the worst of it. This stuff has more knots than a macramé plant hanger. While I was balling it up I was untying a knot every few yards! The kick in the ass though is the needles.
This cell phone shot does not fully express the horror that is these needles. How do they expect anyone to actually knit with these tree stumps?? I had issues getting the needles into the stitch and I’m a Knitter - how is a knit virgin suppose to get serious about knitting if the first project has such a huge hurdle to overcome? Luckily on my last visit I had taught my little protégé with normal needles and she managed the tree stumps just fine. What about all the other kids out there with no Knitter to help them with this evil kit? I’m so sad for them.

Cheap, chincey, cheesey crap!
those are needles??? they look like pointed weapons!!! too funny! btw, i'm gonna need some help on my heel soon :)
Those needles are very bizarre. Not only do they not have good points, they look very slippery. You do have to admit, though, that a lot of folks (and especially kids) don't know the difference between good yarn and yucky yarn. If they can manage to get bit by the knitting bug with less-than-optimal materials, they'll be lifelong knitters after they discover the good stuff! It's great that you're teaching your little friend.
Shame on you! You should always have an extra set of needles on you, aren't you determined to teach the world how to knit :) Your right most nonknitters don't know those kitz SUCK! Who am I to talk I bought one for my aunt this christmas... And yea it sucked!
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