Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Since I've got all this secret knitting that I can't show you I'm forced to talk about this boring sock. I ripped out the holey short-row heel and decided to do a heel flap instead. Started that then decided the funky striping around the gusset would ruin my design and abandoned the sock. I started the second sock while I thought about my dilemma. After an abundance of knit time while sitting in the ER waiting room (I'll get back to that) I'm now at the heel on both socks and forced to deal with my "short" comings (ha ha I crack myself up). People do short-rows heels all the time so it's not impossible. I'm going to try again. I'll let you know how it works out.

As to my ER visit Megan decided she was jealous of Trek's fancy crutches and wanted to get her own set. She came down on her foot funny during our basketball game and hurt her ankle. Since it was her right foot Mom & I took her to the hospital and spent a few hours hanging out with the insane staff. I think the entire staff of our local hospital was hitting the happy pills. These people were so out there that I can't even come up with a good story - where to start?! The woman that gave Meg the pain meds checked her ID band 5 times. Left the room came back checked twice more before giving her the meds. Left the room came back again and gave Meg an allergy band about 5 minutes before we left. Yes ma'am the cats must know that Meg is allergic to Oxycontin. Wackos all of them.

All nuttiness aside I did get some knitting done so it wasn't a waste of anything. Megan is doing just fine (it was a sprain) and is already pushing her luck to hobble around with just her air cast & one crutch. Actually by the time I post this & you read this she'll have probably abandoned that too.

**Love bloggers new spell check! So much better!!

What are friends for if not to provide good blog fodder??
It seems to me I only get hospital knitting done these days!
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