Monday, March 12, 2007

6 X Charm!

I came, I knit, I finally kicked it’s ass!! It only took my - sadly this is not an exaggeration - SIX tries. I’m pathetic. I tried a single wrap, I tried the yarn-over method three times - I really wanted this one to work it seemed like it should be so easy. I did a heel flap but it did bad bad things to my pretty stripes. Ordinarily this wouldn’t bother me but the stripes on these socks are so precise & the pattern showcases them so well I just felt like it would be a sin to do that pooling gusset thing. I finally managed to get heels with the double wrap short-rows. Double wraps are a pain in the ass. I wound up using a stitch marker for every single wrap to help me keep track. Like training wheels for short rows - but hey at this point whatever worked was fine with me as long as I got a heel at the end, and now that I’ve got both heels done and out of the way it’s smooth sailing to the end - yea that statement isn’t just beggin for trouble.

Way to go! At least it wasn't SEVEN times!

Photo pleeease...
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