Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Secret Revealed

I finally get to show you the first of the secret projects I was working on. A little something for Megan's birthday. This the first pair of handmde socks Megan had every REALLY fondled and the first pair she'd ever had on her feet. Her reaction was rather funny. She kept saying things like "they feel so normal" and "you can't feel the stitches at all." It was cute.

I'm actually kinda impressed with myself on this one. I got the fit perfect without a clue as to her foot size. How do I keep doing that? When I make my own socks there's always some kind of fit issue. One sock fits great the other - not so much. I've got my feet right in front of me but can't get the fit perfect; and yet with the socks I make for anyone else they're pretty much perfect. What's that about??

Great job, J!
Very nice Ms J.
who is that hot looking girl in your blog...oh wait, it's me :)

i LOVE the socks....i wore them again love my jodes!!
Very pretty! You did a fabulous job!
It's so obvious, you like to make sox for others... And you want others to make sox for you:) Thats why when you make them for yourswelf they never fit right!
(( That sounds good ))
I luv that pattern, you do make great sox!
Beautiful! Love the colors too. You so lucky, Megan!!!
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