Friday, February 16, 2007

Antoher Newbie!!

This post is coming to you from Cathi's living room floor (I SO want a laptop & wireless Internet now)! She was so excited about her birthday gift that she couldn't wait for me to share it with you all. Cathi is my only non-knitting friend that has actually shown an interest in learning how to knit. So you know what I got her for her birthday right?!

Yup you guessed it! If you tell me you want to learn to knit - expect yarn and needles in your near future. I couldn't be more pleased with her reaction. There was much squealing and jumping around. It's just what ever knitter wants to see when she gifts someone with yarn.

So we're learning how to knit, Cathi is pretty impressed with my patience, I'm pretty impressed with her perseverance. She's so cute, she keeps apologizing - I keep trying to tell her - "babe I taught six year olds - this ain't nothing. " She just finished her first row - at forty minutes for twenty stitches we'll have a scarf in no time! Just kidding she's doing great but next time we might lay of the alcohol! Oops got to go - she just pulled the needle out of all her stitches. No worries - I'll make her a knitter yet!

It's so much fun to introduce your non-knitting friends to knitting and watch them take off...sometimes slowly, sometimes fast. One of my friends made a couple of hats, a couple of scarves, and is almost finished with an intarsia sweater for her little nephew. She'll finish her first sweater long before I do!
Another one down.... How many non-knitter friendz are left? Ya know, you have turned us all over to the fiber side... But that's not a bad thing :)
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