Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Slacker - Again

Several things have recently conspired to make me a bad blogger.

Number one: My job has become especially tedious of late and when I get home the thought of sitting at my desk makes me want to cry. I sit behind a desk all day and stare at the computer (sometimes I’m even doing actual work.) I’d rather be doing anything but sitting on my computer at home. Needless to say this post comes to you from the windowless basement (hell) that is my 9-5 home.

Bad blogger excuse #2: All my knitting right now is secret projects. Have you heard? Tisha is PREGNANT!!! I’m so excited! When she had her daughter I didn’t know how to knit. I crocheted her a blanket (which she loves and sleeps with every night) but it’s not the same as making cute baby sweaters and things. How am I supposed to talk about and show off my knitting when the giftees read the blog? The baby isn’t due until August but I’m so excited I’ve already started the knitting. Yea I know I need help.

Bad blogger excuse #3: This is actually a good thing. I’ve been hitting the gym a lot lately – yea me!! Finally getting my butt in gear to get back into shape. Rugby season is coming up soon and I’d like to be more comfortable running up and down the pitch (field) so I’ve been trying like hell to get myself motivated. So far so good, baby steps.

Speaking of Rugby – anybody in the central NJ area want to play? No experience necessary. It’s lot’s of fun... you know you want to. It’s wonderful stress buster and gets you into great physical shape. Besides I could use someone to knit with between games at the tournaments so the other ruggers don’t laugh at me.

Solution to the problem of not being able to blog about the baby knits: send me email with picture attachments and then I'll email you back lots of oohs and aahs!

Send me the info on the rugby team.
HeY!!! Don't blame me for your lazy bloggieness... You can post pics of the great things your making for baby, I won't peak... Yea right :) Keep up the work out, I might actually come to a game this year :)
You're alive!!!
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