Saturday, January 20, 2007


A while back a well meaning friend says to me - I've got some stuff for you. Her cousin had passed and she brought me her yarn. While I appreciate the thought the chances of me ever using any of the yarn she brought were just about nil. I have several bags of yarn floating around my house that I acquired in a similar fashion. I also have yarn in my house from my grandmothers stash which came from the "5 & 10." That yarn is probably older than I am and has never been used. Chances that it will get used by me in the next twenty years? None.

My point? On the bottom of one of my newsletters the other day there was a letter from this woman who makes afghans for charities. She's made over 3,000 afghans for various charities. Three THOUSAND - that's a lot. I was astounded by this woman's generosity. She is my hero. I had to send her stuff. Dad brought me home a ginormous monstrosity of box. I really didn't think I'd be able to fill it up. But I did. Should keep her busy for a while. She's happy, I'm happy, and a lot of very lucky people will be happy.

Very nice!
Over 3000 afghans! That's a lot of knitting and crocheting! The woman must be incredibly and have a lot of time on her hands. That was very nice of you to donate the yarn.
that's a win win get rid of the yarn and you know it is going toward something beneficial.
You're a good egg J. x
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