Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Super Secret Project

Once upon a time – when I was just a little girl my mother made a skirt for her Christmas tree. She took a giant piece of felt and took tracings of my brother’s & my itty bitty baby hands and stitched them into her skirt. Every year she made new tracings and stitched new hands. I have many wonderful memories of this skirt. Taking out of the box each year to see how much we had grown. Mom telling Zeke & I stories about some of the “alien” looking fingers – apparently little children can not be expected to sit still while mom’s trace their fingers onto felt. When I was older I remember attempting to embroider a hand myself cuz mom was so busy (I never did finish that one – and I still suck at embroidery.)

Now thirty some odd years later, my mother is a grandmother & her skirt has seen some better days. So for her birthday this year I made her a very special present. With a bunch of help from Tisha I re-created her tree skirt. I managed to add some space so she has lots of room for her grandbabies to be included in the future. I’ve spent lots & lots of knitting time on the skirt – that’s one of the reasons I’m not really doing Christmas knitting – but the look on her face was worth every single missed stitch.

That is an absolutely fantastic gift. Sooo thoughtful!
What a great idea! What a lovely gift for your mum.
(mental note to add this to my ideas list!)
Way to go, J. Looks great.
Beautiful (and very thoughtful). You're a good daughter J. x
PS Happy Birthday to your mummy.
Oh, I'm so miffed that I missed the birthday festivities! Happy Birthday to Mom, and the skirt looks great.
What a wonderful tradition and a great gift!
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That is soooo cool! I wish I had enough time to do other crafty things, but knitting has taken over EVERYTHING. BTW - another package is heading your way in the mail today. Hope you enjoy!

Your Sockret Pal

(Okay, so I think I just totally outed myself by not posting anonymously - I blame sleep deprivation caused by my children. Sorry I'm such a complete loser!!!)
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