Sunday, December 31, 2006

Quick & Dirty

This is the coolest idea yet!! Found it in Crochet Today. You buy a piece of fleece sew a little edging on it so you have a place to put your crochet stitches, or you get lucky and buy a little fleece blankie with edges already sewn on and cute little hippos in the middle. Poof! A blankie in an evening! Perfect for little ones to snuggle in! Luv it!!
I did make a few changes. What you see is an actual ruffle - the pattern as written depended on the yarn to make it full and ruffley. I used some striping Bernat that I had in my stash so I had to improvise. It's totally cute so it worked out fine. This is going to Liz - the one that had her baby three months early - so she doesn't have to wait. Yea, for the quicky, stash busting cutness!!

I want to wish you all a safe, happy, and of course Fabulous New Year's!!

You ALMOST make me want to crochet. Happy New Year!
That's great!
Awesome idea! Thanks for sharing that. Happy New Year!
How cool!

Happy New Year and thanks for being the BEST "SWAP PAL" ON EARTH!! x
YaY! Finally some crochet! just kidding... what a great way to add alittle something to store stuff.
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