Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Do you ever feel like knitting has taken over your life? The other day I met up with a non-knit-girlfriend that I haven’t seen in a while (Hi Cathi!) We went to the movies and saw Happy Feet - which by the way is a unbelievably cute movie. During the course of our afternoon she asked the inevitable question – “what have you been up to?” I struggled to come up with a non-knitting related answer. I’ve been busy – there’s the guild, and my SnB, and shopping excursions to yarn shops, and I’ve been playing with the wheel again – but does my non-knitting friend give a crap that about the new lace book I want or fab sock yarn I just scored? (She’s really great she totally pretends she’s into it when I get going. I really do have awesome friends.)

I am NOT complaining. I love the way that knitting has bled into everything. The question is what in the world did I do with myself two years ago before I picked up the pointy sticks?? Did I have less of a life? I don’t think so – I’ve always kept myself fairly busy. What the hell did I do with my time?? What did I talk about with my friends? I feel like lately I’m most animated when I’m talking about my fiber pursuits. Is this a bad thing? Should I be concerned about my obsession with all things woolly? Is it weird to have your friends call you up and start the conversation with “you’ve got to see this (insert project) I just started – it’s so cute”?

Am I neglecting my “life” in the pursuit of knitting? Or has knitting become my “life?”

*The yarn is a gift from Nora. She dyed the berry one herself - it's less red in real life - isn't it awesome?!!!

I sometimes wonder the same thing. Instead of reading or going to the movies, I knit. Instead of sitting in front of the tv and doing nothing, I sit in front of the tv and knit. I see my friends, and sometimes I knit. I'm pretty happy with this part of my life. I figure I'm doing something productive, which I love, and it could be a lot worse. If knitting makes you happy, then I figure you can't be neglecting your life but rather enhancing it!
I think the same thing sometimes. I used to do rubber stamping and scrapbooking, which led to friends. However, I like knitting MUCH better because it is more portable. Plus, you don't have to drag out a bunch of stuff to do it.

Of course, I used to get the blank stares then also.

Oh well.
I really know what you mean. When non knitting people ask you about what is going on they don't expect to hear about lace or sock patterns. So it's like being bilingual, you speak knitting and and nonknitting depending on the friend!
You have GOT to see the shawl pattern I am writing! It's so cool!

PS - You are normal; it's the Muggles what have the problem.
Beautiful yarn! There are much worse things to be obsessed about so knit on!
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