Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Whatever!!

I just wanted to take a sec to wish everyone a happy holiday. Got this one in my e-mail and thought it was hysterical and wanted to share. Knitters are taking over the world - did you see the Knitting Kangaroos on Google?? Hahaha - made my day! Have a WONDERFUL, SAFE, and MERRY HOLIDAY!!!!
Hugs to all!!

Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays back at ya Jodi! And I had missed the knitting kangaroos, so thanks for pointing that out!
Ahhh, that cartoon is too funny!good idea though... Will it work on my hubby? Happy holidays :)
Okay, that is too funny. I'll have to share that one with the hubby! Hope you're having a great final few days of '06!

Your not-so-sockret pal
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