Monday, December 18, 2006


Confession - I am a techno-dope. Despite the fact that I spent 7 gazillionty dollars on a multi-media design course & learn all kinds of flashy computer things. You might wonder bout that -flashy computer stuff? But her blog is sooo boring?? Yea that's cuz I'm a techno dope and lazy to boot. I digress - my point in telling you this was that I just spent a embarrassingly long time trying to figure out how to get a photo from my phone to my computer. Yea - it's easy & I am an idiot. The crappy thing - after all that effort - the picture sucks - I mean really sucks.
See. Makes me want to cry. I can't find my camera. The sweater has already been gifted and all I've got is this craptastic cell phone shot. This is the first FO since I started this blog that doesn't have a FO picture. I was lucky I got this one - I had to borrow the phone/camera from my Aunt's sister. It's ridiculous how upset I am by the lack of a decent picture of this sweater. I was dam near tears on the way to the shower cuz I couldn't find the camera.

Anyway - about the sweater. It's a wonderful knit. The construction is BRILLIANT! Finishing took me an hour - that includes the buttons. Wonderful! Love it!!! Elizabeth Zimmerman Rocks!!
My Sister-in-law's sister had her baby 15 weeks early. The baby is doing very well for someone who is the size of a snapple bottle. Liz (my SIL's sister) asked my mom if she could possibly buy a handknit blanket for her little Lydia. Does she really think we weren't going to make her something? All the babies get the woolley love! I wasn't planning her knit till after Christmas cuz she wasn't due till March! I'm going to make her a similar sweater cuz it's so quick. Hopefully I can figure out the math to size it down to premie. Anybody have any suggestions for finished measurements?

Just make it in newborn size and hope the preemie packs on a few ounces really quickly?

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