Monday, November 06, 2006

Knitters, Knitters, Everywhere

Who says baby showers have to be boring and tedious. There I was sitting at our table with my family and some of Katrina's distant cousins grumbling over the smallness of my lunch (really I got a one inch square worth of eggplant parm)and then I heard the most amazing thing "I went to this new yarn store."

What?? Who said that?? I start straining my ears and low and behold Katrinia's distant cousins, Deb and Sabrina, are talking yarn!!!! Yea! I frantically start kicking mom under the table - "Mom, Mom do you hear? They're talking knitting!" It's the best baby shower ever after that. We start discussing all the great new yarns available and projects we've made. She starts to tell me how she knits wrong, and I genlty explain to her it's not wrong it has a name it has a name and everything, continental, I knit the same way. Her face lights up and she picks up the pencils off the table to demonstrate to her daughter what were talking about. Of course pencils are so very vague so my mom breaks out her knitting so we can have a demo with real needles and yarn.
These are the only two pictures I took at the baby shower. Guess that shows you what an important role they played in my day! Thanks guys you rock!

Just in case anyone is curious - Katrina LOVED the hand-knits and gushed over our basket with zeal. She couldn't say enough nice things, and was so please that her new little one had a few things made just for him/her. And that friends is why I drove myself crazy with weaving in a zillion ends, sewing buttons that I hate, and knitting booties at 11 o'clock the night before. Because mom-to-be got weepy over a few stitches. Just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

I saw a kid at Rhinebeck actually knitting with a pair of pencils.
Sorry about the dpn.
Just stopping by to thank YOU for stopping by and commenting...then I saw the Rhinebeck haul! WOW! (envy oozing from every pore) We had fun at the Austin meet-up, but NOBODY (not even me)had THAT MUCH YARN!!!!! :)
It's amazing how we can pick other knitters out of crowd! Glad the mom to be loved her gifts you did a great job and your mom's blanket is beautiful as well!
Aaaah, doesn't it feel nice when our knitting is appreciated??

The gals in the photos look like they'd be a lot of fun - but, knitters always are...
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