Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Because Tisha rocks - we have pictures. Thanks Chickie.

Check out the fancy hand made shawl pin!
And you're jealous of a sweater?!?! WOW! I absolutely envy you LACE!!!!! It is fabulous!
Thanks for coming by and commenting...now take yourself out somewhere to show that thing off!!!:=)
It looks great - I love it draped around your shoulders and pinned at the front - gorgeous!
WOW if you don't wear that out---- I will. It is just beautiful.
oh so beautiful! I came from trek's just to check it out. Were you just a teensy bit scared putting all that work in the sink of water? Must admit, I haven't blocked anything yet. Your shawl makes me want to try! It's so pretty. Wear it with great pride!
Yeah! It looks amazing.
Beautiful shawl! It looks great on you!
Oh Jody... that is beautiful. You did an incredible job!
WOW!! Stunning! I am most impressed. You go girl!
HOT!!! xx
How beautiful!
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