Thursday, November 09, 2006

Indian Summer

I just can't get over this weather. It's 65F out today - I live on the Jersey Shore it should be more like 45F. My poor garden doesn't know what's going on. .
I've got more roses now than I've had in who knows when. There are new buds all over the place! Heck this first one is on a rose bush I was going to pull out becuase it didn't bloom this summer and I thought it was dead

Great roses!
How pretty. I'm a sucker for roses.
Thanks for your good luck wishes - 1 more week to go!!

PS: Love the roses. x
The weather is wacky...close to 80 today.'s nice to have warm weather but it's not fall!. Maybe I should check our rosebushes...there just might be something going on!
Beautiful roses!
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