Wednesday, November 01, 2006

3 Days to Spare - Sort of

The shower is on Saturday so I finally sucked it up and did all the finish work. Regardless of the fact that it took me two months to sew seams and buttons this was a fun, fast, and easy knit. Trellis from knitty, I made the smallest size and I substituted the Rowan for TLC Cotton Plus - which is the exact same fiber content at 1/3 the price. I think I changed needle size for gauge but other than that I made no modifications.

NOTE TO SELF: You hate finishing - DO NOT make sweaters that involve hours of it!

And since I always listen faithfully - here's what I've got instore for myself tonight.
Hours of finishing - yippee fun!

The sweater looks great, J. Awesome job.
That sweater is AMAZING! Seriously..
Oh WOW! That is sooo AWESOME! I couldn't knit cables to save my life! Lucky baby. x
PS: Package next week - promise!
Great job on the sweater! It's gorgeous!
Love the sweater! Its on my must knit list. I think I'm going to knit it with your yarn sub. Rowan's hard to find in my area! ; )
I came over to thank you for the blog comments and to agree...and was completely blown away by the sweater! Great job! (Even if you hate finishing, you did a wonderful job of it!) Lucky kid! :)
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