Friday, October 13, 2006

Yea Blogging!!

I love the internets!! A while back I stumbled on a new blog. She takes some awesome photographs and she's a closet knitter which intrigues the hell out of me so I've been back to visit - a lot. Anyway I noticed eventually that she's from Australia (yea brain surgeon here) and didn't have all the neat stuff that we get here. Long story short they don't have Kool-aid in AU. So I HAD to help a knitter out. After much debate I managed to get the lovely Nora's address and I sent her some kool-aid. Well worth the effort - she totally freaked out over it - I LOVE THAT!!

This is what she sent me as a little thank you. If you've never had Tim Tam's you must find an Aussie buddy and make ask them send you some. YUMMY! These are even cooler cuz their all breast cancer decked out! Jo Sharp Alpaca - wow! Can you say soft and yummy and the color is so much better than this craptastic picture (I should totally stop being a lazy blogger and photoshop these pictures before I load them). The stitch markers are awesome! Great minds think alike - there were stitch markers in her box too. Nora - Thank you soo much you really didn't have to do that - but I'm so glad you did!

Oh & check it out. More knitting! Pedicure socks - so your feetsies don't get too cold while your toenails dry. A birthday gift for a quasi knitting friend. She claims she'll knit for me if I knit for her. I think she was scammin' me to get socks. We'll see.

How cool of you to do that for her!
I'm loving those socks!
So cool!
Jody, b4 u eat another TimTam check this out:

Man, I can't believe I didn't check ur blog sooner - was frantic all weekend (thought parcel got lost)!

Anyway, glad u liked the yarn, st markers etc... I'll email more details tomorrow - it's almost 2am here... xx
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