Monday, October 23, 2006

A Wonderful Day!

Gas to and from Rhinebeck = 100 bazillion dollars
Entrance into the festival = 10 dollars each
Trunk full of woolley goodness ...


How many knitters was that? Five?
so how much of that roving is yours? hehehe...
Wow that's a lot of loot! You've got lots of great stuff there!
Whoa... that's a haul man! I am very, very impressed! Seriously... how many knitters were in that car? HAHAHAHAHA!
I'm surprised that there wasn't more woolley goodness for the 5 knitters we brought to Rhinebeck. Ahem...some of us didn't spend our fair share! (Not me, mind you, I spent more than enough for everyone.)

Hey G... I saw that! Next time i'll buy $95.00 worth of sox yarn, and I'LL KNIT SOX! :) But I will give you the leftovers to make a sweater... If it makes everyone feel better I already started saving up for MSW... That is a great picture if I do say so myself:)
My gosh, I'd love to jump right into it and touch it and dive in it... fantastic haul! Can't wait to see what you're going to make with all this gorgeous yarn!
OMG!!! Joooodyyyyy! WOW!!!
Start knitting girl, and leave your day job while you're at it (or you'll never get through it all). x
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