Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It’s my party!

Guess what?! It’s my bloggy-birthday month! Happy bloggy-day to me! Buy me stuff! Just kidding - since it’s my first b-day & all I though I’d run a little contest – the lucky winner will get to –buy me a present! ; ) Just kidding – really you don’t have to buy me stuff. The winner will get something from me and since one of my very first blog posts commemorated my first ever trip to Rhinebeck – I’m going to get the winner something from there. So what I’ll do is pick the winner the week before Rhinebeck then go stalk their blog to see what kind of stuff they like & buy something nice. But I’m not telling who won until I get back with the prezzies – muwahahah!!

I really thought that when I started this blog I’d write just for the sake of writing and no one would read it. I was totally ok with that – I just wanted somewhere to brag about my knitting. For the first month the blog was in existence I kept it a secret - just for me. Then I changed my mind & started telling people and I’ve got to say having people actually read my blog is SO MUCH BETTER!! I’ve made wonderful new friends all over the world and you all totally get the whole knitting thing – love it! . I’m sure there are more than the 6 or so people that comment reading this blog and I’m totally not complaining that you don’t comment cuz I don’t always comment either – but I’m calling you out now!

Here’s what you’ve got to do to get Rhinebeck goodies - all you have to do to win is de-lurk yourself. Either send an e-mail to knitnthings[at]gmail[dot]com with contest in the subject. Or leave me a comment. HOWEVER – if you leave a comment you must include you e-mail address – blogger doesn’t give me your e-mail automatically unless you’ve elected to have it be public so it comes to me with a nonreply@blogger address, which is USELESS! And I won’t be able to track you down to give you your prezzies if you win. Also it would be pretty helpful if you make it kinda easy for me to find your blog – so I can stalk you & buy an appropriate prize. So anyone who comments between now and Rhinebeck (I’m not giving any dates that you guys can hold me too – cuz we know what a spaz I am at keeping those kinds of commitments) will be eligible & I’ll enter you into my hat – and yes I’m going to use a real honest to goodness hat. GOOD LUCK!

Happy Blog-Day and what a rambling post it was.

You don't have to put me in your hat - I will always comment anyway.

PS: wish we had a Rhinebeck but then, we don't even have KOOL-AID!!
Happy bloggy-birthday month! My bloggy birthday was about a week ago. :)

I wish I could go to Rhinebeck, but I live a little too far. Buy lots of stuff!
Happy Bloggy day! Do I get in the hat even if I don't have a blog??? It's not like you don't know where to find me!! :-)
i hope it's an honest-to-goodness knitted hat, at least! hehehe...i like knitted hats. not so much the one i just made, but i like knitted hats. nevermind that it gets too freakin' hot over here to really get much out of wearing one besides a gross and sweaty head, but that's besides the point. because the point is that a potentially gross and sweaty head will in no way whatsoever discourage me from knitting a hat; or, more specifically, it just means i have to use something other than WOOL to make a hat that would be suitable to wear in perpetually 85 degree weather. holla! ;)
Happy Blog Birthday, shame on you for keeping your blog a secret from us, and thanx for sharing... :)
Happy blogiversary! Maybe we'll bump in to each other at Rhinebeck!
Yay for blogging! I've been doing it just over a year now and it has been so great. Gee, I'd love to be in the drawing for your Rhinebeck prize, but then I'd have to out myself. Besides, I'm supposed to be sending YOU stuff, not the other way around! Have a great day!

Your Sockret Pal
yeah I'm with Nora ... no Kool-Aid [ but then I use procions anyway so why am I whingeing? ] no Rhinebeck, no cinnamon Tictacs. Aussies are SO hard done by :[
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