Friday, October 27, 2006

Crochet craziness

Everyone should have a pal like Megan. One of those people who can just make you laugh - and laugh - and laugh. She came over the other night sportin this hat she made - we were practically in tears over the silliness. Let this be a lesson to you - always check your gauge otherwise you skull cap might turn out to be a hair net, or a golf
cap, or a kangol, or it might even be a Halloween costume.

In sort of knitting news lookit what I got from my sock-ret pal!! It's extra special lookit the top of the page. It's SIGNED!! How flippin' cool is that!!! If I didn't have baby knitting to finish by Saturday I'd be casting on about 4 pairs of socks right now - I LOVE THIS BOOK!! Thank-you!!

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