Sunday, September 17, 2006


I'm in for it. I did something bad today. Today - I fell in love. Head over flippin heels. Why is that bad you ask? Some may say it's not - but me - yea I'd say I'm in big trouble.

Today I went to the Garden State something or other fiber thing. It's an itty bitty baby fiber fair in Ringoes NJ. When I say itty bitty I'm talking like 15 - 20 vendors. They all fit into one barn. It's small. I almost didn't go cuz it's so little but they were having a workshop on spinning with a spindle and Mom wants to learn so being the enabler wonderful daughter that I am we took the trek. It's only about an hour and it was a really nice drive and totally worth the trip (once).

But I was talking about trouble right? So we've got about an hour to kill before the spindle workshop begins and we're wandering around and stop to admire the beautiful spinning wheels. Next thing I know this WONDERFUL woman by the name of Lea from The Wheelwright has me sitting at a wheel, and then another wheel, and another, and another. She put me on all the wheels she brought with her (totally benny of there not being a lot of people.) So I tried five different spinning wheels today.

Dude - I am sooo toast. I LOVED IT! Spindle spinning is completely different. This is so much smoother - and the treadling is so hypnotic. It's wonderful. I'm in love and now I'm actually considering buying a wheel (see trouble!) I've all ready decided I prefer the tradition wheels, they feel more comfortable and they look prettier. I really liked the Polonaise (which figures cuz it was her most expensive wheel). I also liked the Prelude but I had problems drawing it. I'm not sure if it was me or the wheel. I'd bet my money on me but Lea had the same issues. So I'll be trying every wheel I can get my hands on when I go to Rhinebeck - look out!

After the wheel the spindle workshop was fabulous. They gave us these neat spindles made from a couple of CD's put together with an o-ring shoved into the middle. And some romey (is that right?) I had so much more fun today with the spindle. Why is that? I started using the park and draw method and I have SO MUCH more control over my draft. I'm actually making something that I'm mostly happy with.

Mom (who is also in love with the wheel idea by the way) got the hang of it and bought herself some really pretty roving and abandoned the romey . Mom's gonna be a lace weight super star. Look at this stuff. I think it might be a bit over spun but holy cow is it little. I told her she should maybe try to spin it a little thicker - she says she can't "it gets all messed up and lumpy." Did I mention that this stuff is some kind of wool angora blend? Why start small and easy???

We had a awesome day. Made some new friends (whose names are totally lost to me at the moment - * hi blonde lady with the funky cool name that I can't remember ;) Arisha maybe or Tarisha - I'm sorry I'd tried really hard to remember but I forgot anyway.) Talked to a couple of breeders. Saw the cutest aminals. Bought some stuff. The woman who sold Mom the roving actually sat down with her to help her get started and make sure she was going to be ok spinning her new fiber on her new spindle. Have you ever noticed how totally awesome fiber people are? I wonder if I'll ever stopped being awed and amazed at the coolness of all you guys? Hope not.

Oh you're in for it now!
Hey you said you "took the trek" but you did not take me!

Looks like it was a great time, though. I hear a yarn diet to save up for a wheel...
=( I'm sad I didn't get to go. I'm glad you guys had a good time though. =)
spinning ho. hahaha! just joking. and fyi, it's romney. funny how i live in hawaii and i know these things. thank knitting!

i have a lendrum double treadle. it's the bomb diggity, yo. but to each her own. i like spindling because it's portable. on a wheel, i have :)

keep us updated on the wheel shopping and, uh, take some more pictures, will ya? we need to see the look on your face when you find *the wheel.* i tell you, once you get it in your house and start spinning on it, your face gets this look of total bliss. fo' sho' :P
Just make sure that if you buy one at Rhinebeck, that we have enough room in the car for it on the way home!~
Hey dude, I see you have a new addiction!
PS: Kool-aid isn't available in Australia so I used jelly (I think u guys call it jello - it's powdery and sets once mixed with water in the fridge).
hi knitnthings
I followed you over from Black Dog's site ... now I want to see a photo of the CD drop spindle unadorned with yarn so that I can see what it looks like ... :]
haven't used a drop spindle in quite a while, but I may have to try and remember how to do it while I wait for the electric wheel a friend has promised to lend me after mid october.
Very cool! See, I told you you'd come to like it eventually! I'm glad you hung in there! It's so funny that you went to a fiber fest in Ringoes. I had an aunt and uncle who used to live there.

Keep on spinnin'!
Hey Girl It's Ahrisha. We had fun didn't we?! Tell your Mom I said Hi. Lost your Blog addy and just found it today squished in the bottom of my purse.
Your yarn looks much better then mine. Gotta get more fiber and give it another try.
Be sure to post pics of your NEW wheel and you spinning at it. Excited for you!
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