Monday, September 11, 2006


Gretchen came through and without further ado in all it's glory - the secret pal swag!

It never fails when a package comes I'm in a fugly shirt and my and my hair is a disater and someone wants to photograph me opening the box. One of these days I'll learn my lesson and clean myself up before the photo shoot - on this particular day I was dying yarn which is why my fingers are kinda orange in this first shot (yes I have pics of the yarn - no you can't see them now - this is about Keohinani's stuff.) K wrote me a fabulous letter and folded it into a wicked cool heart (Dude you must send directions - I can't get it back together!)

Then there's the spindle & stuff. Seriously you can't really tell (or maybe you can)but I was almost in tears - the laughing / crying thing. That's why my face is all red. Tisha has been after me forever to take up spinning (no no no no - I don't wanna.) Yea - that's out the window and she was there to see my downfall - it was a moment.

Fancy coffe & Burts Bees lotions. I see these lotions in the store ALL the time and I'm always like "hmm I wonder if this is good?" It so is! It smells like fruit & it makes my hands all nice! LOVE IT!

Here's the whole haul - the candy yum! The yummy blue & green hanks? Thats a 50/50 merino alpaca blend - WOW! I'm trying to think of something wonderful for it to be. The Sock yarn - it sparkles need I say more?!

damn, you are SO spoiled! haha! i love it. and i can say that. :)
i'll be posting directions eventually....for the heart thing. :P
That chocolate looked really good, but Jody hogged it all before I could try it. hehehehehe
Great package!
WOW! I can't imagine receiving such a fantastic parcel. You're expressions say it all!
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