Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mission Accomplished!

Great job on the socks!
Nice job - mail those suckers.
Where were you last night?
Love the contrasting toe. x
I'm dead! I can't say that I mind. I got my socks and they're awesome! I'd never know you had any trouble with them. My back is killing me today and being killed by some groovy socks made my day a lot nicer. ;) I took pics before I ripped off the label (so cool) and put my socks on. I tried to log into my hotmail account to write to you, wouldn't load. I posted of my death on the forums and the interweb ate it. So I'm here to say a huge thank you! And I'll put pics on my blog soon. :)
Hey, can you please put up your questions for your Sock-ret pal? Thanks!
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