Monday, September 25, 2006


Gauge is EVIL! And it LIES!! Trek is forever busting my chops becasue I NEVER check gauge - this is why I never check gauge. If I don't check gauge and my project comes out wonky - then I can blame gauge. If I do check - if I waste spend an entire TWO HOURS checking the bloody gauge and I get it right and it still comes out wonky well then I'm a moron and the knitting powers that be are punishing me for some unknown reason.

I was late for work this morning looking for the camera so I could show you a picture of what I'm talking about. You'll just have to imagine. Here we go - Sock of Doom number one finished. A little wide in the cuff but I dumped some stiches out of the foot so it should fit ok. More like a slipper than a sock but it's DK weight on size 5 needles what did I expect. Sock of doom two - just past the gusset, with 3 flipping yards of yan left!!! There is no way 3 yards is going to finish the whole rest of the foot. I checked the WPI - I checked gauge - twice - once on size fives and once on fours just to be sure - I got gauge. I had the yardage - it was close but I had it. I don't now of course.

What am I gonna do?!?!?! I'm thinking about starting again - I'm not really loving these socks anyway. I used Cherry Tree Hill cotton that I had in my stash and it's got this texture to it - kinda like that stretchy cotton stuff um...what's it called? Whatever - so I'm not really loving the pattern yarn combo but I'm on a deadline here. Now what?? I'm also thinkin different colored toes - but um one sock will have a part of the foot a different color - will that look dumb? I'll have to rip back the other sock to make them match but I'm not ripipng out part of the other foot - just the toe, will it be stupid? HELP!!

Are these for Sock Wars??

Oh, and gauge does lie sometimes...
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