Sunday, September 03, 2006

Coming Soon

to a blog near you - Secret Pal Swag. Wait till you see what she sent me. OMG! Wow. Gretchen took the pictures for me while I was opening the box - it's kinda worth the wait to see the look on my face. If we don't get the pics onto my computer in a reasonable amount of time I'll take new ones. So until then a quick THANK YOU to my pal Keohinani of Aloha & Oreos - you rock!!

And speaking of Gretchen. For those of you that don't know - I taught G to knit in November. Yes, this past November like 10 months ago. Do you know what she did today? She put me to shame that's what she did. Would you look at this! The woman knit a sweater. A whole flippin sweater!! I'm so impressed. Heck - she's impressed! Just look at this work - aren't you impressed?!
I made a knitter! And she made a sweater - everyone should be impressed!Well she made most of a sweater the very observant will notice the stitch holder going across the back of the neck (sweater still needs a collar) and the ends need to be tucked away but holy cow - she made a sweater! If I'm this excited about her sweater I really need to get my act together and make my own sweater!

Gretchen, great job! Very cool. And J, you DID make a knitter!
Very awwwwwwsome G! hey Jo I hope that ur patting ur self on the back too :)
I am soooooo impressed with myself!!! :-) Seriously, I'm going to be wearing that puppy all winter long, and if anyone admires it, they'll know all about it in about 2 seconds. Still have to finish the collar though...

Fabulous sweater!!! You both should be proud!!
Nice sweater (we say jumper in Australia) - you're a good teacher.
What gorgeous sweater! Great job Gretchen!

seriously? the delayed gratification is KILLING ME.

but i'm happy you're happy.

now POST.

thank you. :)

your "Secret Pal"
oh, i'm sorry.


i'm really not a gratification whore...all the time. ;)

happy aloha friday!
does gretchen have a blog? :) cuz you know, being a knitter and a knit-blogger go hand-in-hand. just sayin'.

kay, i have anything else i need to say before i post another unnecessary comment because i forgot?


hrm. well, you'll know if i forgot anything. ;P

last one for today, i swear!
Great shape! It is always momentous to finish a sweater, but the first one... maybe equivalent to bronzing baby booties when she gets tired of wearing it.
Attention everyone, the sweater is DONE!!! Collar, ends weaved in, and everything! Woo-hoo! I'm so excited, I could just pee.

And no, Keohinani, I don't have a blog, though you and seemingly everyone else think I need to start my own one of these days. One of these days...

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