Sunday, August 13, 2006


I learned something cool yesterday. Kumihimo the Japanese art of braiding. It dates all the way back to the 7th and 8th centuries and was used for all kinds of things including lacing together traditional armour! It's just so neat to learn things that date back hundreds of years!

First - pick out some colors, we're using simple embrodery floss nothing fancy at all. Note the Japanese instructions. Without someone to hold my hand I'd have never figured it out!

Then you set up your marudai - I have mad respect for the person who initally developed this method of braiding.

My little braid is starting to show!
Wa-la a finished anklet (or two) Mom made the one on the right. Just what I needed - a new addictive hobby!! Love it it's so much fun!!

I saw someone's post on this on Friday and I wanted to try it but they didn't leave any instructions! Do you hav a game tomorrow night or are you coming to Borders? I'd really love to see thi in person!
Now i'm really upset that i dodn't go! I want one!!!
Hey, I found a template online - I'm going to trace it onto an old CD. Bwah-ha-ha!!!!
That's really cool! I love how those anklets came out.
I love the colors...very soothing. I think if I tried Kumihimo, I'd probably end up with a very large knotted mess. And don't despair, Fall is just around the corner.
These are really cute! Sylvia (Beadlizard)'s DD is making them and she says it is at least as portable as knitting...
Sooo cool - even though it looks sooo difficult.
Very cool but I agree with 'black dog knits' it looks difficult but I would love to learn the ankle braids look very pretty.
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