Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The jig is up!

Like any good worker bee I spend a good chunk of my day surfing the Internet. I guess the network administrators found fault with that cuz I got a "page unavailable" for 4 different sites that I could get onto just this morning. Dam that sucks – what am I going to do all day?!?! Do they actually expect me to work? The horrors!!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there hasn’t been much knitting going on. I will not become the gazzillionith knit-blogger to complain about the heat. We all know it’s hot and while I’d like to blame the lack of wooley pursuits to the heat – well that’s just not the case. It’s never really been my habit to play with yarn in the summer. I’ve been a crocheting for one baby or another constantly for the last ten years (the past year & change with NO babies has been very strange – like they’re waiting for me to become a better knitter because they don’t want me to crochet for them). If the baby was due in the summer I always made sure to finish whatever I happened to be making early because I don’t sit still long enough to a project in the summer.

This summer hasn’t been an exception – I tried really I did. Back in June I started three different pairs of socks to be sure I had something on the needles. I like making socks, socks are small and fast and the yarn isn’t heavy and won’t be sticky. Alas I’ve not finished one. Not even a single lonely sock. I carry around my socks & take them out to the park. I go for a Trek probably once a week but the sock never makes it out of the bag. I tried working on my lace. The lace is light and airy and beautiful, the pattern intriguing and challenging. I loaded a book onto the iPod – my two favorite things! Nope – I feel like I’m being cheated (funny how in the fall/winter audio books are just fine.) I want to READ the book. Hold it in my hands, smell the pages, hear them crinkle as I turn.

Oh well. Fall is just around the corner. Until then – the only knitting that’s amusing me must be finished almost as soon as I pick it up. So – you guessed it! I made some washcloths.

ah...washcloths! even if it's not socks, knitting washcloths is better than knitting nothing :)

fall's around the corner - thank goodness! the heat wave will be over, yet i can only wonder what that will mean for winter...


p.s. word verification = upoop. riiiiight....
Garterlac Disch Cloths!
Washcloths are knitting! Soon fall will be here and you'll have your knitting mojo back.
What's a worker bee to do?! I agree with Kelly about picking up some fast, cotton knitting to get you through, although sitting still and doing anything is always harder in summer - except for lolling and reading through the most intense of the heat waves:)
Ooooohhhh... those look familiar!

You ROCK! (and make rocking washcloths!)
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