Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Here comes the bride...

First I must apologize for the not so great quality of these photos. I haven't been able to get photoshop to work since the crash. I wanted to share a couple of photos of the wedding anyway. First up we have my very swanky hairdo. First time I've ever had an updo that mother didn't complain about. And dontcha just love the tacky Hawaian shirt!! I must say it went very well with the do - I looked so fab running into to CVS.

But hey with a mug like this I probably look just fab going anywhere! What do you think of the dress? Can you say OVEN?? For what I paid for this dress it totally should have come with central air. And doesn't Mom look fab there in the backround? Do you think I've got a nice pic of the two of us? One of me and the groom? One of me not pulling a goofy face? Not.

Laurie looked beautiful. Her dress was amazing and she positivley glowed. She says often that she knew when they met (in the fifth grade) that she would marry my brother. To see the happiness on her face when it finally happened was amazing. I wish them many many happy years together.

Her dress is BEAUTIUFUL! OMG I cain't even begin to think how hot it was in your dress, but I do think it looks good on ya.
Great do and beautiful dress!
Hey, at least the wedding wasn't yesterday or today with the 100° temps and high humidity!

Looking good.
What a wonderful event for your whole family! The hair is fab, and the dress does look quite hot, but the sacrifices we make for family...
You said it, birdsong. The sacrifices we make... You looked beautiful Jody!
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