Wednesday, August 30, 2006


There I was getting up at O' dark thirty to catch a train into New York City. Now mind you I don't even get up for work until almost 8 o'clock but here I was getting up at oh my god it's early to get on a train. Megan, Tracy, Gretchen and I got together on Monday morning to go see a taping of the Ellen show in Central Park.

What a day! Despite serious caffeine deficiencies we managed to get on the 7:36 express to NYC. And then Megan promptly got off the train after about an hour to go back and get the tickets. Maybe she should have gotten a bigger coffee? Megan and Tracy started what would be a three hour tour (couldn't resist sorry) back to the car to get our tickets while Gretchen and I continued on into the City. We did some shopping and had breakfast. Then headed over to the 96th street entrance of Central Park to hook back up with Megan & Tracy. We got into the line of about a zillion people and proceeded to wait - and wait - and wait - for like two hours. See, everything happens for a reason. If Megan had remembered the tickets and we had gotten into that line at 9:30 in the morning and had to stand there for five hours instead of just two it's very possible Gretchen and I would have killed her. Luv you Meg ;)

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it but I don't watch t.v. there are a couple of dramas that I do not miss but that's about it. Needless to say I've never seen Ellen's show - I don't really think I've been missing much. Ellen really is funny as hell but after her little monologue the show falls flat. Guess you could just watch the the first few minutes that's the only part that's really worth it. The rest was just kinda blah (this coming from the one who doesn't watch t.v.) However the problem may have been her guest. He blew chunks. And they played "Sexy Back" so many times I was seriously tempted to garrotte the DJ with my circs!

We did get a surprise though. Ellen announced (at 4 o'clock - after many hours standing in line and an hour plus of taping) that she was going to tape a SECOND show! Her second guest, Beyonce, kicked some serious ass! She was amazing! And if Ellen had done Beyonce first we would have left. Did you know she's only 25? It was her birthday, well I suppose technically Tuesday (the day the show will air) is her birthday but whatever - she's 25! I'm in awe.

We didn't get back to our neck of the woods until well after 9 o'clock totally exhausted. But we had a dam good time - I even finished a sock! First one all summer!

Oh and by the way I didn't forget - Blogger still won't let me upload the AC Pics. Don't know what's up with that - any ideas? In the meantime I've uploaded the pictures into my flikr account instead.

Woo-hoo a sock FO!
Sounds like a great time was had by all - and when are you people coming back to knit?
omg, i think you finally got a pic of me on your blog that is normal!!! them is some hot ladies! i won't mind if i don't have to ride on a train in the near future.....look kids, big ben, parliament
Sound like you had a lot fun!

is it soup yet?

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