Thursday, July 20, 2006


I know I said I wasn't going to post. I lied - I got a package in the mail today. Guess what it was. A package from my Kit Swap pal Birdsong (how cool is her name?! And for the record I haven't even looked at her blog yet I was so anxious to show you what I got!)

How cute it this bag?!?! And love the Trekking colors! My LYS 0nly has Trekking in subdued earthy colors these colors are so fun!! Chocolate is ALWAYS a good this & this chocolate is for a good cause TOO! And cute little sandle candles & a funky cool soap shaped like a quartz & sock shaped point protectors there was even a hand made card and some fresh picked lavender (which smell divine & which I forgot downstairs so it didn't make into the picture.) By far the coolest - the pattern - which I was (no lie) talking to Quiddity Jane about YESTERDAY. She just finished a pair using that pattern and I really liked it so I was planning to do my next pair of Trekking socks with it!

You did a great job Birdsong I'm totally stoked - you've made my day in the midst of all this chaos. Thank you so much!!

What a great package!
Sweet package!
Wow! What a great package. I love the bag and the the colors of that trekking.
Oh, I am so delighted that you like the package! And relieved that I don't have to comment anonymously any longer, hee, hee. I was always afraid I would mess up and blow the surprise somehow. Happy sock knitting.
What a great Kit Swap gift. That's a totally cool sock tote and everything else is, too! I can't wait to see the finished socks!
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