Monday, July 03, 2006


Hey gang – I should probably warn you, blogging is probably going to be even more sporadic than usual (and very light on photos because my work computer & blogger don’t like each other). My computer crashed this weekend. I’m not really sure what happened to it, it worked in the morning and then in the evening – nada. As much as I love technology – it really can be a pain in the ass! I’ve got to see if I can find the driver disks, all computer crap is packed away because of the remodel we’re in the middle of – doesn’t that just figure!

I’ve got some exciting news. Two of my cousins are pregnant! I’ve got two winter babies to knit for!!! For the past ten years I’ve had one baby or another on the way so I’ve always had baby things going on. This past year, no babies so I’m really excited about these two! I don’t know the sex of either baby yet so I think I start with a very unisex sweater. I really like Trellis from Knitty so I might run out and get the yarn for that this week.

In sock news the pink & blue toe up is just about done. (I did take pics but you know – they’re on the computer) I’ve turned the heel and done the leg but it’s a bit tight so I might rip it back and do a few less decreases. I have to take a minute to praise the construction of this sock. The pattern is the cable top sock from Socks Soar on Two Circs. It’s brilliant! The toe is done with this invisible cast-on using the cable as the second “thread” so you don’t have to pick up stitches - you just turn the toe like you would a heel. Then the heel – I love this – you increase for the gusset, then do a short row heel (it’s my first) and then decrease the gusset stitches. There’s no flap or picking anything up – and looks fab - I love it!! I take back all the not so nice things I said about working with two circs. Doing it this way is highly entertaining!

Good for you.
I've got the book and the circs - now I should actually try the technique too.
I picked up that book not too long ago, I'm dying to try that sock too. =) I just need to gt some proper needles, the ones I have are cheapo.
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