Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sock Parade

New knitting! I know - you were starting to wonder if I did that anymore. The pink, purple & blue is Kona superwash - hand-dyed by moi'. Loving this yarn! Loving the dye job. If you look carefully the blue and pink actually do make perfect stripes but then the purple just jumps in randomly for interest...LOVE IT! Shall be playing with more dyes in the future. It's just so entertaining to knit yarn that you colored yourself & see what it's going to do! You might notice that despite all the complaining I'm doing this one on two circs. Well I came across this pattern for a toe up that I just HAD to try and I LOVE it! (Technically I'm not doing a pattern - I just used the toe, it's from Sock Soar on Two Circulars) Why are the circs so much less annoying going the opposite direction?? It's also endlessly entertaining to slip on my little "toe hat."

The blue and purple is Lorna's Laces that I got at MDS&W - love the yarn, love the pattern, together... not so much. It's not bad but I just don't love it. I'm pretty sure I'll be ripping it out, I may even just rip it and change the cuff to a 2x2 rib cuz I think it's the garter cuff I hate more than the pattern itself.

Mom's test driving a new camera today - I must of tried a zillion macro pictures but I wasn't especially pleased with any of them. She's pretty much decided to buy this one, it's a Nikon Coolpix 5700 (very fancy) a friend of hers from work is selling it for $200. That's a steal - this thing is still in MINT condition, when I went to get the cable out of the box it was in it's original plastic baggie...who does that?! Anyway expect some crap shots until I figure out how to work this thing. HA who am I kidding, my pictures are pretty much always crappy ;)

Guess what? Tisha is having a contest! She's making me come out of the closet - with the UFO's that is. And Mom is going to visit and show us her's as well (I honestly think she's got this one in the bag so you might want to think twice). You're in for a treat!! Check out the details here.

By the way I know what the prizes are... you totally want in on this one!

Wow... I love that yarn!!! I hope you remember how you did that! Did you notice that your toes are making an apperience in the pic? Nice petacure(spelling?)...Still waiting for you to flash your UFO's... Thanx for the Button...!
Great job on the yarn. It's beautiful! I agree it's a lot of fun knitting with your own hand dyed yarn!
Nice yarn. Reminds me of video games. I don't know why.
Socks really do soar on two circulars. It's less shifty with the needles, and starting socks seems so much easier with two circulars than with dpns. Once you get the hang of it, two socks at a time is nothing!
I concur about the LL. Ribbing would suit the yarn much better. Maybe you could do a 1x1 rib and knit and purl through the back of the stitches. Takes longer, but the result could be worth it.

Your SP
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