Monday, June 05, 2006


Hmmm... wonder how many posts I have with that for a title? Actually I haven't really been slackin - I've just busy doin some work at my house. Spent Memorial Day weekend re-decorating my bathroom. Spent this past weekend starting to empty the next bedroom destined for hardwood floors. Intermingled with all that is the never ending yard work, the sports leagues and the little bit of TV that I watch is now in re-runs so I've been reading in my spare time more than knitting.

So being busy & a lack of any real knitting content has kept me away. But look I finished my socks - so I finally feel like I have something of substance to say. This was my fist attempt at socks on two circs. Can't say I'll be itchin to do that again. I loved the ease of trying on my sock & there were no mishaps with pulling the wrong needle but - I screwed up both gussets and both toes. With socks in hand if you look closely the toes on both are slightly crooked. Not crooked enough to be ripped out but definitely slightly off. I suppose it could just be a first time thing but I didn't really love it. I felt like I was going at snails pace and if you think about it these socks took me forever! I started them the weekend of Ruggerfest - that was the last weekend of April...oh wait... that was only a month ago. Guess that wasn't that long - well it sure as hell felt like I was working on the dam things forever. But it was worth it cuz I LOVE these socks! I'm especially please with the funky pooling in the gussets and the fact that you have to look twice before you really notice that there are two different yarns involved. This yarn was originally intented for a pair of mosaic socks but the colors were too close and it didn't work. I'm thinkin that was a good thing!

I like them!
I like them, too. A month is not that long. I just finished my 1st sock that I started the last week of April, I hope my second sock doesn't take that long.
well, just don't slack on the blog posting. *ahem* haha. ;)
great socks.

your SP

p.s. watch yer mailbox.
Pretty flexible aren't you. I doubt I could get my feet to do that. love, love the socks
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