Monday, June 19, 2006

I Got Yarn!

Today I got home from work and the mailman pulled up right behind me (as usual - late as hell) anyway I met him at the mailbox since I was headed that way anyway and he hands me a package. A package? What's this I didn't order anything... did I? It has my name on it... what the hell? Dude my secret pal ROCKS!!! She had told me when I got my last package that she'd be sending me something for my b-day (which is in two weeks - please mark your calender now July 5th - thank you very much) when she got back from her vacation mid July. So I totally wasn't expecting another package from her for some time. Suprises are so WONDERFUL!! Just look at the yummy hand spun merino! I'm thinking gloves (is 500 yards enough for gloves? I've never done gloves) for the pink cuz it totally goes with my winter coat! I think I might keep the blue one on my night table for a while and keep it as a kind of pet cuz it's just that soft and wonderful! For the curious the yarn is 100% Merino Superwash from Brooklyn Handspun. Thank You Palie - it's a wonderful early birthday gift!!

It's great getting unexpected suprises isn't it? Love the yarns such beautiful colors. Your a lucky girl!
That yarn is so pritty, and soft... when it goes missing, you know where i live... :)
it's going to be very tough to knit those flowers into the yarn...should provide for an exciting attempt though
Nice yarns - I put pictures on the blog for your now stop whining. ;o)
That yarn is so pretty - I wish it lived in my house.
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