Monday, June 12, 2006

For the record...

I took a bunch of pictures today of my new socks. I was very proud of the pictures - very artistic and all that. Apparently I am a total idiot cuz when I got on the computer to download the pics...there were no pics. This is total operator error I'm sure - could not possibly be the camera's fault - I am a dumbass and probably didn't press the button down all the way (I though the camera was working exceptionally fast today). Guess I'll try again tomorrow. But I will leave you with one picture I did manage to take...

Sorry secret pal - Megan did not like the watermelon sours. They did make for a WHOLE lot of laughs...can you blame us - just imagine the sound effects that go with that face. Hysterical!!

I thought that you were joking!!! I didn't really think that you were going to post it.... Now i know to beware of you and a camera!
omg, you are too much. i can't tell if that is sweat or grease! probably sweat cause they tasted TERRIBLE! i think the picture would be much better if i had on the "chemosabie" cap....don't u?
Oh that is so not right!
i'm debating whether i should send you more local snacks or not... some things are an acquired taste, i guess.

After driving about 2400 miles in 9 days to, from and all around Indiana, with a splitting headache, I come home and check your site, and see that sour mug, and laugh my ass off. Thanks.
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